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Intuitive Life Coach or Soul Purpose Coach

You would make an incredible Dharma and Spiritual Life Coach!

And with all your Vata Air Energy, the titles Intuitive Life Coach or Soul Purpose Coach would be completely aligned for you!

Let me guess- whenever you go to a party, you end up in having a deeply spiritual conversation about energy, chakras, divine healing and aliens, connecting with them on a soul level!

You are intuitive, creative and big-picture oriented. You are deeply connected to spirit and have an ancient wisdom to you. You can intuitively feel what others need and offer it to them in a way that guides them to their own conclusions.

You have the gift of the Visionary Dharma Archetype, channeling your wisdom to the collective through the gift of your communication. You are charismatic and when you speak, you bring people to a higher vibration so they can find their own internal answers. You see people like myself and Gabby Bernstein and know you have a similar gift to share your message with books and speaking, but don’t know where to start!

You are a multipassionate person with countless ideas of what type of career is right for you, causing you to sometimes feel overwhelmed and not take any action. You start a lot of projects but have a hard-time finishing them because you’ve moved onto the next. You can feel you were meant to impact humanity on a large way but are looking for a portal to focus your energy on so you can share your medicine with the world.

Becoming a Dharma/ Spiritual Life Coach would be an incredible next step for you to hone in on your spiritual gifts and take aligned action to make it your outer reality! This type of career would allow you to use your intuition and be honored for your wisdom, sharing it with others. You’ll be trained how to set up sessions and monetize your practice so you can actually create a career for yourself doing this work, being honored for your time and energy. How good does that feel?!

Dharma Coaching Institute is the first and only Institute out there that graduates Certified Dharma Coaches. Not only will you graduate as a Certified Dharma Coach, but it’s also a double certification for becoming a Spiritual Life Coach.

This is the most comprehensive Spiritual Life Coaching Training out there, combining the best of Dharma Coaching, emotional psychology training, online business training and development, spiritual coaching, embodiment, somatics, Human Design and feminine/ masculine integration.

You will walk away from this experience in full alignment with your own dharma and ready to support others with theirs, which can translate into careers in one-on-one coaching, group coaching, online programs, speaking, corporate events, retreats, books and other avenues.


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