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Dharma/Spiritual Life Coaching may not be for you!

This probably isn’t the time for you to become a Dharma/ Spiritual Life Coach, based on your answers. You don’t do this work for money, fame or an easy way out. This is real work! People need our support, energy and wisdom and we take that seriously here at Dharma Coaching Institute. Dharma/ Spiritual Life Coaching is for the person who genuinely feels inspired to support others and would be doing so even if money was not involved. The heart has to be there, otherwise the career won’t work out.

Instead, I recommend beginning your spiritual journey with the 21 Day Dharma Discovery Journey which will help bring you into more alignment with your own personal dharma, which may translate into you later becoming a Dharma Coach! We all have to begin as students and it’s an exciting time to dive in!


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