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About our double certification

Dharma Coaching Institute

What we offer

Here at the Dharma Coaching Institute we are committed to bring you the forefront and blend of ancient wisdom, modern psychology rooted in the dharma fundamentals and is broken down into 8 stages of the double certification program.

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stage 1

Setting Up The Dharma Mission

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stage 2

The Foundations of Dharma

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stage 3

Dharma Coaching Fundamentals

Stage 4

Dharma Awareness: Understanding Powerful Coaching Elements

Stage 5

Dharma Discovery: Delivering the Coaching Program

Stage 6

Dharma Integration

Stage 7

Dharma Expansion: Preparing for the Road Ahead

Stage 8

Dharma Business & Beyond

Stage 9

Graduation: 2 in 1 Coaching Certification

By Stage 9, you will have fully completed your training and you will receive your certification from the Dharma Coaching Institute.

Upon graduation you will be a fully Certified Dharma Coach, as well as a Certified Spiritual Life Coach.


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