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Free Daily Embodiment Practice With Sahara Rose

Drop Out Of Your Mind And Into Your Body For Greater Joy, Sensuality, Pleasure, Flow, And Ease

How do you express embodiment?

In this Daily Embodiment Practice, I help you connect to your body’s wisdom through movement. This 13-minute embodiment practice is not about choreography or following strict steps. It’s an invitation to connect with the natural movements that flow through you so you can drop out of your mind and into your body, which opens up more creativity and intuition into your being.

You will express how different words feel in your body, whether it’s joy, peace, sensuality, or liberation. While you move, you will notice the different parts of your body that want to express itself and feel more connected to yourself than ever before.

Join me in this sacred daily practice that will allow you to drop into your body and open your heart chakra so you can feel alive, empowered, and activated!

- Sahara

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