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Are You Ready To Build The Soul Aligned Coaching Business Of Your Dreams?

Brand New FREE Masterclass

Are You Ready To Build The Soul Aligned Coaching Business Of Your Dreams?

Join co-founder of The Dharma Coaching Institute, Sahara Rose in this brand new powerful masterclass, where she guides you through the 3 keys to building the soul aligned business of your dreams.

Here's what you'll learn during this masterclass:

Dharma Coaching Institute

Key 1

Discover your true, aligned path

How to discover your calling, recognise your true gifts...

and apply them to build a meaningful business that you'll love

Dharma Coaching Institute

Key 2

Master the right coaching skills

How to help your clients move past limiting beliefs & patterns...

... using the proprietaryDharma Journey Spiral

Dharma Coaching Institute

Key 3

Develop your business savviness

How to utilize & monetize your social media account...

.. and build a soul aligned powerhouse brand you're proud of

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“This program has given me the last piece to my missing dharma puzzle!”

Before Dharma Coaching Institute I was burnt out after over 16 years as a Nanny and looking for my true purpose. 


This program has changed my life.

I have such gratitude for Sahara, Neeta and Ajit and of course to all of the coaches and people behind the scenes who have made this all possible. 


DCI has given me the last piece to the puzzle that is my Dharma and I can not wait to see where this journey takes me and how many lives I touch along the way!

-Keli Schurman-Darby


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