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Overcome The #1 Obstacle Holding You Back From Thriving In Your Purpose

How to stop holding yourself back, and begin taking aligned, confident and empowered action towards your most abundant future.
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Ready to dive deeper into your soul’s purpose, while building a thriving career helping others?

Doors are now open at Dharma Coaching Institute, the world’s first and only accredited school that certifies you to become a Spiritual Life & Purpose Coach.

Imagine having complete clarity and confidence in your purpose, and a roster of aligned clients, while having the abundance and freedom you deserve. If you’ve been waiting for a sign, this is it. 


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Overcome the #1 obstacle holding you back from thriving in your purpose


Create A Thriving, Spiritual Coaching Career In Alignment With Your True Purpose​​

Create A Thriving, Spiritual Coaching Career In Alignment With Your True Purpose​​

Get exclusive access to Sahara’s special Q&A event where she revealed exactly how you can build a thriving, spiritual coaching business by helping others find their true purpose…

…And answered all your questions about the Dharma Coaching Institute certification experience!

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