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Doors open for our Spring Enrollment this April.
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Doors open for our Spring Enrollment this April.

Joseph Conway

Hey there! I’m Joseph. Queer, Yogi, Witch, and Empath. I help queer people find their soul’s purpose so that they can live a more empowered life that’s in alignment with their own unique values and interests. I take my clients on an individualized journey of self-discovery through spiritual coaching, yoga, astrology, and tarot so that … Read more

Ellisa McCoy

I help heart centered women create a life they love using Human Design and the Dharma Frameworks to understand themselves on a Soul and energetic level. By stepping into our gifts and understanding our energetic signature we can begin to take aligned and messy action on our goals and dreams. When we’re in alignment it … Read more

Danielle Taylor

I am passionate about helping people embody their dream selves while living their dream lives. I believe a lot of our depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem challenges stem from a lack of purpose/direction in life along with powerlessness to do something about it. My mission is to help people recognize that we are the creators … Read more

Victor Valentín

Hi I’m Victor! I’m a certified life coach, yoga teacher & soon to be reiki master! I want to help those who can identify with past struggles I’ve dealt with such as chronic illness/disease, self love/esteem issues, negative self talk/image and much more to overcome and embody your truest nature in this lifetime! <3 Specialty … Read more

Jamila Hardwick

Hello my name is Jamila Lynn. I am very passionate about mental health and helping others live the most authentic life they can imagine. If you’ve been feeling like a fraud in your own life, I understand (as someone who did the same for 30 years of my life), and I can help. Specialty I … Read more

Joy Castrejon

I am a licensed clinical social worker and holistic psychotherapist who helps people shift from feeling confused, exhausted, and isolated to intuitively guided, fully alive, and connected to both their authentic selves and others. I am passionate about integrating evidenced-based therapy practices with timeless spiritual wisdom in my work with clients. Two of my favorite … Read more

Michel E Gonzalez

I help immigrated families with transitioning out of survival mode by establishing where you are in your Dharma Discovery cycle and creating a structured plan for your next goal. Specialty I help immigrant children and families get out of survival mode to transition into a purposeful and healthy mindset.

Desiree Peña

Through energy work & spiritual coaching, I help sensitive beings understand their superpowers & work to heal the inner and outer resulting in radical transformation. Specialty I have walked many walks of life and best help baby empaths who don’t realize their super sensitivity is a gift, trauma survivors/ lightworkers in places of dark who … Read more

Martin Diaz

I’m life coach serving the queer Latino community. As a Mexican immigrant, I faced my fair share of challenges regarding self-love, self-expression, numbing to cope, self-criticism, non-acceptance, and security. I now help the queer community heal from those same issues. I help queer folk fall in love with themselves just as they are. I help … Read more

Victoria Mai

Hi I’m Victoria! I help remember who they truly are at soul level so that they see their true potential, live the life of their dreams, and embody their highest self. With over 12 years on my spiritual journey and in the corporate world, I help overwhelmed, burnt out, stressed, anxious, and depressed women reclaim … Read more


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