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Joy Castrejon

I am a licensed clinical social worker and holistic psychotherapist who helps people shift from feeling confused, exhausted, and isolated to intuitively guided, fully alive, and connected to both their authentic selves and others. I am passionate about integrating evidenced-based therapy practices with timeless spiritual wisdom in my work with clients. Two of my favorite … Read more

Michel E Gonzalez

I help immigrated families with transitioning out of survival mode by establishing where you are in your Dharma Discovery cycle and creating a structured plan for your next goal. Specialty I help immigrant children and families get out of survival mode to transition into a purposeful and healthy mindset.

Desiree Peña

Through energy work & spiritual coaching, I help sensitive beings understand their superpowers & work to heal the inner and outer resulting in radical transformation. Specialty I have walked many walks of life and best help baby empaths who don’t realize their super sensitivity is a gift, trauma survivors/ lightworkers in places of dark who … Read more

Martin Diaz

I’m life coach serving the queer Latino community. As a Mexican immigrant, I faced my fair share of challenges regarding self-love, self-expression, numbing to cope, self-criticism, non-acceptance, and security. I now help the queer community heal from those same issues. I help queer folk fall in love with themselves just as they are. I help … Read more

Victoria Mai

Hi I’m Victoria! I help remember who they truly are at soul level so that they see their true potential, live the life of their dreams, and embody their highest self. With over 12 years on my spiritual journey and in the corporate world, I help overwhelmed, burnt out, stressed, anxious, and depressed women reclaim … Read more

Mara Sarena

I help women who feel disempowered and stuck to rediscover their wild and authentic spirit, hone in on their soul’s purpose and design a life that’s in true alignment with their dreams, values and heart’s desires. I weave together Ayurveda, neural manifestation principles, Human Design, Eco-therapy & Divine Feminine teachings into a powerful and comprehensive … Read more

Lylelana Bernardez

I help and empower women to find their soul purpose so that they can live a life they 💯love & beyond. I help women get crystal clear on who they are, what they are meant to do using spiritual, intuitive and practical tools. Specialty I help & empower women to find their purpose so they … Read more

K.P. McGrath

I help millennials, and people with alternative aesthetics (like myself), that feel unfulfilled with their current lifestyles and careers. Using different modalities in a safe container of acceptance and understanding, we ask questions together to find where your passion truly lies, find what brings joy to your life, and make it your new everyday reality! … Read more

Amanda Sevilla

I help second generation women get unstuck, out of their own matrix, and into a life they know is meant for them. In my container, we learn to slow down, sink in, and embrace your strength and power! Specialty I help second generation women write their own story.


I help healthcare workers overcome anxiety and stress and achieve work-life balance using energetics and spiritual practices. Specialty I help healthcare workers overcome stress and get balance in their life.


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