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Justine Steele

I hold a safe space for Millennials to dive deep into themselves and listen to their inner truth to live a more aligned life. I help clients find their soul purpose through the Enneagram, contemplative practices, and dissection of the inner world. I provide the loving push to transform fear, confusion, unhelpful patterns, and limiting … Read more

Emily Moon

Aloha Beautiful Soul! One of my Soul’s greatest callings is empowering women on their awakening journey to embody their true essence, to connect with their SOUL’s deepest desires to live an Authentic, PURPOSE-FILLED, Joyful life while feeling fully grounded and in their body. Having experienced a very sudden and fast spiritual awakening myself in 2016, … Read more

Skylar Mallas

Skylar Mallas is a visionary, mentor and intuitive guide that has devoted over 25 years in service to the healing arts; integrating nutrition, somatic bodywork, energy work, breath work, dance and mindset as medicine.  Skylar curates transformational experiences that touch the heart and uplift the soul, helping others to feel a deeper connection to Source, … Read more

Kaycee Canlas

As a Dharma Coach, I guide growth-led and purpose-driven individuals in achieving holistic well-being by finding greater overall flow in life and career alignment. We accomplish this together through an integrated approach using modern tools and ancient wisdom. This includes incorporating the core principles of Ayurveda and Dharma, experimenting with your unique energetic blueprint in … Read more


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