Dharma Coaching Institute

Christina Rusca

I help professional women who want to create successful, impactful, and fulfilling careers that align with their inner sense of purpose using proven steps I’ve reverse engineered based on my own journey from misery to miracles! Specialty I help professional women transition from the grind to aligned!

K.P. McGrath

I help millennials, and people with alternative aesthetics (like myself), that feel unfulfilled with their current lifestyles and careers. Using different modalities in a safe container of acceptance and understanding, we ask questions together to find where your passion truly lies, find what brings joy to your life, and make it your new everyday reality! … Read more

Amanda Sevilla

I help women recalibrate with their relationship with food and align with their soul’s purpose so they can live a nourished, nurtured, and fulfilling life. Specialty I’m a Soul Purpose + Nutrition Coach who supports women in stepping into their most nourished, authentic, and aligned selves.


I help healthcare workers overcome anxiety and stress and achieve work-life balance using energetics and spiritual practices. Specialty I help healthcare workers overcome stress and get balance in their life.

Gaby Melnick

ICF accredited and double certified Purpose Coach + Spiritual Life Coach who will guide and inspire you to find your purpose, live your highest potential, and lead a more meaningful and fulfilling life. I will meet you where you are and where you want to go, while creating a safe space where you feel heard … Read more


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