Dharma Coaching Institute

Irina Miriam Normatov

Irina is a Soul Joy Spiritual Coach and Visual Interpreter on the side. Irina enjoys guiding people who feel empty, “dead”, disconnected, and fulfills their souls with purpose feeling more alive, joyful, and confident in the natural flow of their life. Irina is a proud native New Yorker and an immigrant hailing from St. Petersburg, … Read more

Ashley Ali

I provide guidance for those who need a path to wellness and healing in all aspects of their lives. I use Vedic spirituality, western astrology, spiritual counseling, dharma coaching, Hinduism, and my School Counseling background to help others improve and change their lives for the better. Specialty I help everyone overcome grief by helping them … Read more

Kia Standertskjöld-Nordenstam

I help misfits fully embody their authenticity and truly celebrate their uniqueness by diving deep into what makes them light up. We’ll embark on a journey together on letting go of other people’s expectations and opinions by looking inside rather than out. We’ll rewrite stories that aren’t aligned with who you truly are and wipe … Read more

Alexis Burnett

I combine Human Design with 8+ years of corporate risk management experience to help anxious over-achievers unlearn who they were told to be so they can step into who they are.

Aasheekaa Natarajan

Aasheekaa Natarajan is a certified spiritual life coach and reiki practitioner. She coaches women in their self-growth journey, releasing energetic blocks and intentionally aligning with the life they deeply desire to live. Her methodology combines ancient healing modalities like reiki, breathwork, chakra energy work and intuitive readings with modern mindfulness practices. You can follow her … Read more

Roberta Kiehle

Do you feel like you’re living your life on the surface, but crave deeper meaning and fulfilment? My mission is to help others align with their most authentic self to allow for more ease, flow, and success. I will support you in moving towards a more fulfilling life by deconditioning your thought patterns and behaviors … Read more


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