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Doors open for our Spring Enrollment this April.
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Doors open for our Spring Enrollment this April.

Cylla Kavanaugh

I offer Holistic Well-Being Coaching For Happier, Healthier & More Productive Relationships through Human Design, Soul Purpose Discovery, Chakra Energy Healing, Shadow work/Inner Child Healing, etc. Specialty I offer Holistic Well-Being Coaching For Happier, Healthier & More Productive Relationships

Christin Freeman

I help women who feel disconnected, overwhelmed and lost to reclaim their power, tap into their innate wisdom and gifts using a combination of Soul purpose coaching and energy healing methods (including Emotion Code and Reiki). Specialty I help women remember and step into their power and inner light to live a life that feels … Read more

Brigitte Donovan

I help female founders and creatives bring their ideas and visions to life through my signature Life Design framework. With a background in product innovation, design thinking, and strategic intuition, I now help women build their own blueprint for the lives, businesses, and impact of their dreams. Specialty I help female founders and creatives bring … Read more

Morgan Thompson

I help women reach their highest potential through healing & releasing past/generational traumas and becoming fully embodied in their soul’s unique purpose. Abundance is our birthright and it comes with ease when you are aligned with your mission & authentically expressing yourself and your gifts with the world. As a Corporate Accountant turned full-time Spiritual … Read more

Ginger LaAnn Robertson

I help millennial women and men move from confusion to clarity by holding space for them to share their story which helps them understand their past, define who they are, and clarify their vision for their ideal future. Together, clients and I explore the forest of the unknown, shining light on the shadows with loving … Read more

Sany Giselle Linares

My name is Sany and I help shy misfits step outside their comfort zones. I help clients by providing them with a loving, safe, and supportive space to open up and bloom. With the help of your ancestors and spirit team we will be guiding you through embodying your higher self so that you can … Read more

Ashlie Franey

I help successful women who are feeling stuck or are in a transitional phase of life anchor their inner selves by connecting spirit, mind, body through balancing & aligning the Chakra System, Meditation, healthy boundary setting, mindset shifting, & yoga practice in order to discover their next step(s) towards living their life purpose & embodying … Read more

Keelie Rae Walker

I help women live happier, healthier, and more soulfully fulfilling lives through healing the mind, balancing the body, and nourishing the soul. Specialty I help women create the life of their dreams and live their soul’s purpose.

Bonnie Hazen Sims

I help working mothers and women in corporate overcome burnout to radically transform their lives. As a former Vice President of Culture, Engagement & Change working in the healthcare industry, I understand the depths of burnout and what it means to transform your life so that you can live your most abundant and authentic life. … Read more

Mariana Moreno

I help recent college grads or people in their 20s figure out what’s next in life when they’re feeling lost and unsure on what to do using all the tools I learned at the Dharma Coaching Institute. Specialty I help recent college students find their purpose and their next step in life


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