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Ramona Pascos

I am here to help moms calibrate emotions and (RE)connect to themselves and their passions. I will support you in your journey going from over giving to more selfcare embracing who you truly are by finding your own medicine. No more drama, say Yes to your Dharma! Specialty I help moms calibrate emotions, reconnect with … Read more

Jessica Lacher

Welcome beautiful soul, I’m so glad you’ve found your way here. I am Jess and I help young professionals that are facing their quarter life crisis to find back to their inner joy to finally be living in alignment with their soul purpose. After going through my quarter life crisis, I have completely been shifting … Read more

Hilda Weber

If you are a soulful new coach or healer and have just started or want to start out online, I hear you! It can sure be overwhelming! When I started out, I wanted to find an easy and effortless way to build my business and felt overwhelmed about all the contradicting information out there, on … Read more

Lisa Wambach

I help corporate babes who feel stuck in their seemingly perfect life, to explore what their ideal life looks like, what is blocking them, and how they can take back control and design the life of their dreams. We get there through health and purpose coaching, using healing modalities like tapping. Specialty Corporate babes who … Read more

Sandra Loeser

I care deeply about you, and your mind, sprite, body and health matters. I am here to show you that you matter, I am here to share the medicine of rest with you, so you can fill your cup and come home to yourself, healing the wounded feminine within you, rising empowered, feeling balanced and … Read more

Julia Pühringer

I love allowing my Energy Healing & Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as my Human Design Wisdom flow into my coaching sessions. Specialty I help unfulfilled humans, who are feeling frustrated or “lost” and overwhelmed in life, gain clarity on their Soul’ Purpose using the Dharma Discovery Method. So that life finally feels EXCITING again! … Read more

Amy Saling

I help queens to live a more holistic and aligned life using systematic, Dharma & Spiritual Life Coaching techniques. We will dive into things all around self-love to activate your unique resources to discover how you can live a more fulfilled and empowered life while being a student or on the corporate path! If you’d … Read more

Suyogi Gessner

I am a passionate Vaidya ( Ayurvedic doctor ) since over 20 years and passionate helping people to transform on an physical, emotional and spiritual level. To find your dharma and become the best self the Ayurvedic science and the the drop spiritual wisdom of dharma is a great combination for everyone. I help with … Read more

Janitha Banda

I guide creative spirits, independent entrepreneurs and projects from chaos to clarity – so that you can activate your creativity, unleash your soul’s calling and share your authentic vision with the world. I stand for a holistic approach and sustainable lifestyle and I support my clients on their individual journey to a life of joy, … Read more

Cindy Keith Vianna

I guide individuals and couples towards living the soulful, purpose-driven life they want and deserve. By holding space, asking curious questions, as well as moving emotions through and out of the body, I assist my clients to develop a blueprint for their dream life and relationships. I coach in person and online, and host retreats … Read more


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