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Sushma Sahajpal

I help men & women who have allowed the safety of their current situation trap them in an unfulfilling comfort zone, to reconnect with their curiosity, passion and zest for life, so they can finally and self-compassionately, stop procrastinating and find their flow. I use a dual Indian-British skillset, combining 10 years of designing strategic … Read more

Sugandh Katyal

I help millenials move through the confusion and stuckness, understanding them, befriending them and going forward with ease. We work on realizing – You are the purpose, Your being. And, the being living the purpose using spiritual empowerment, energy healing and dharma embodiment. Specialty Empowering visionary millenials with spiritual tools to heal within and live … Read more

Shubhangi Shukla

I support individuals and businesses to find and live their purpose to create an abundant life and a positive impact on the world using Dharma and Spiritual life coaching tools and frameworks. Specialty I help young individuals overcome imposter syndrome, create their identity, find their voice and share with confidence.


I help healthcare workers overcome anxiety and stress and achieve work-life balance using energetics and spiritual practices. Specialty I help healthcare workers overcome stress and get balance in their life.

Aasheekaa Natarajan

Aasheekaa Natarajan is a certified spiritual life coach and reiki practitioner. She coaches women in their self-growth journey, releasing energetic blocks and intentionally aligning with the life they deeply desire to live. Her methodology combines ancient healing modalities like reiki, breathwork, chakra energy work and intuitive readings with modern mindfulness practices. You can follow her … Read more


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