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Doors open for our Spring Enrollment this April.
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Doors open for our Spring Enrollment this April.

Hanna Korner

Hi there! Are you longing for a change? For something new? To explore your purpose, feel fully Alive and follow your dreams? It is possible! I guide growth oriented, ambitious women to make the shift from dream to reality possible, as a Soul Purpose & spiritual life coach combined with psychology. My method Aligned Psychology … Read more

Diana DeMarkey

I help women that are seeking their Purpose and want more freedom, to discover their Dharma and start a Soul Business, using my coaching program with 3 pillas: Me – Method – Business. I use a mix of Dharma Blueprint, Chakras system, mindset training and spiritual guidance to help them discover their gift in this … Read more

Kia Standertskjöld-Nordenstam

I help misfits fully embody their authenticity and truly celebrate their uniqueness by diving deep into what makes them light up. We’ll embark on a journey together on letting go of other people’s expectations and opinions by looking inside rather than out. We’ll rewrite stories that aren’t aligned with who you truly are and wipe … Read more


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