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Adrienn Fehervari

My greatest break-through is related to my self-expression both personally and professionally. From a quiet and silent girl I became a courages self-aware woman, from a successful -but miserable – finance manager I became my own boss and lead a business that is in alignment with my natural self-expression aka I don’t need to play roles, I am me all the time. I am satisfied, inspired and driven by my work. I want to support you to feel into your own self-expression and live your life in that flow and fulfilment. Express freely


When you step into your authentic self-expression, you cannot do anything else that is not in alignment with that. You cannot dim your light anymore and stay in situations or jobs that make you feel small. You need to be YOU in your work life too. You don’t need to live your life on auto-pilot anymore. You are on this Earth to feel ALIVE, to feel the life running through your veins and every cell in your body. This is the feeling what we are manifesting for you on the coaching sessions. You will manifest your dream business, your heart desire that keeps you excited and inspired each and every day.

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