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Alysia Pinter

Alysia is passionate about helping people stuck in shame and fear to heal, develop self-worth and create inner personal freedom to live an empowered and creative life! With five+ years dedicated to healing herself, overcoming:
-Shame -Sexual Abuse
-Familial Trauma
-Being an Adult Child of an Alcoholic
-Navigating many years of personal substance abuse and more…
Alysia continues the courageous journey to heal, evolve and grow. She now stands open-hearted as a lighthouse for others on their unique path, sharing her wisdom, teachings and guidance. Are you tired of feeling stuck in fear, with low self-esteem, and perhaps continuing habits and patterns that don’t serve you? If you’re ready to move forward with self-worth, and confidence to heal and deepen spiritually— Alysia is here for it all! Align with your values, discover your gifts and feel lighter so you can live a life of authentic expression, empowered with true personal freedom and creativity.


I help people debilitated by shame, fear and guilt reclaim their power, develop self-worth and discover true personal freedom!


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