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Doors open for our Spring Enrollment this April.

Alyssa Singh

As a Self Discovery & Transformation Coach, my mission is to help you become the highest expression of yourself — loving & knowing yourself deeply and living your soul’s purpose. You DO have the power to create your dream reality. But you cannot create lasting change & take control over your life without understanding who you really are, why you are the way you are, and how AMAZING & CAPABLE & POWERFUL you are! I have many tools & certifications in my toolbox to help you know & love yourself & elevate your self worth — AND to give you the practical tools to make real, tangible, lasting changes in your life. We’re looking at your whole self — mind, body and spirit. A glance inside my transformation toolbox will reveal Human Design, Dharma Coaching, Spiritual Life Coaching, meditation, breathwork, manifestation, energy healing, habit development based on neuroscience, holistic health advising, and more. I can’t wait to work with you.


I combine modern science + ancient wisdom to help you live your best life as your best self. You will love & understand yourself deeply, create the lasting transformation you’ve been longing for, and realize your soul’s purpose.


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