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Anamika Patel

Are you experiencing a quarter life crisis and wondering why your life hasn’t worked out the way ”it should”? Or maybe you’ve achieved what society expected of you, but still feel unhappy and unfulfilled? Over the past decade, I found myself at a crossroads multiple times, and it seemed no matter what I did, I kept ending up back at square one. After yet another crossroads point in early 2018, I came across the law of attraction and began focusing on mindset work and self-development, which then led to my spiritual awakening. I realized the traditional path hadn’t worked out for me was because I was being led to my higher calling – something deep down I felt I had but had brushed aside, as I believed I just had to try and fit in with mainstream society. After a period of solitude, self-reflection, reprograming my thoughts and inner growth, I finally discovered my dharma! I now help other millennial women attune to their inner voice, align with their calling and attain inner peace and fulfilment!


I work with millennial women who are experiencing a quarter life crisis or are just generally feeling unfulfilled, and I help them break free from societal conditioning, listen to their inner voice, find and align with their purpose and start creating the life they desire!


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