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Camilla Engen Evensen

I help ambitious mums, women and girls who know are stuck and feel overwhelmed to remember their inner strength, their higher self and meaning with life. I use Ayurveda in my guidens as well as The Dharma Blueprint, The Dharma Archetype, visualization and breath work.

Many mothers find it difficult to find time for themselves because of guilt – they feel that the children or everyone else around them is more important. I want to challenge this narrative and replace it with something that is actually true. Your well-being and health as a mother comes first and it is your right and your responsibility to take care of yourself. To be the best mum, partner or friend you really need to take care of yourself and mothering yourself first. If you don`t have your health with you, how can you, wholeheartedly be there for those around you?

I’ve been burned out and depressed both before and after I became a mother, but everything that happened in the aftermath of motherhood felt more difficult though more meaningful and gave me the insight on what`s important for me.
I’ve experienced what life became once I got out of my selfmade prison and how is like being me again and living my sense of purpose of life. In a way, I`ve always knew who I truly was but which I neglected because of society, my own norms, rules, beliefs and expectations and fear. It`s so good to be on the other site again and I wake up everyday with the mission of doing good, being me and always reach for what I want and what I believe in.


I mainly help ambitious mums, women and girls who know are stuck and feel overwhelmed to reconnect with their inner strength, their higher self so they can feel powerful and confident again.


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