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Camilla E. Evensen

I mainly help mothers and women find their inner strength, passion and meaning with life. I’ve been burned out and depressed both before and after I became a mother, but everything that happened in the aftermath of motherhood has felt more difficult though more meaningful. I know what it’s like to live with deep depression and I’ve experienced what life can become once you get out of it, as well as finding your way back to yourself. One’s self that I always knew was there, but which I neglected because of society, my own norms, rules, beliefs and expectations, and not least, fear. The fear of not mastering or being good enough! I use a lot from Ayurveda to help my self understanding my clients and of course, to then help them become more conscious about them self. Visualization and breathwork is also very helpful before/during/after a coaching call.


I help overwhelmed mums, women and girls reconnect with their inner sense of purpose, and to feel powerful and confident again.

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