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Carolyn Parrish

I specialize in helping women in their transition from maiden to mama. So much focus is placed on the changes happening to a woman’s body when she becomes pregnant, but little is placed on the transformation occurring within a mama’s mind and soul. I am passionate about helping women navigate this transition gracefully for both mama and baby. When we do the work during pregnancy to shed the layers of our old maiden selves and fully step into our new role as mamas, we can have the birth experiences we desire and embody the mama we want to be. Transitioning into “mamahood” can be a beautiful, joyful, and profoundly spiritual time, but it also can be overwhelming to navigate through the unique emotions, challenges, and releases that occur during this time. That’s why I do this work, to help you step into the mama and woman you want to be!


I work with pregnant women, postpartum women, mothers of young children, and women trying to conceive.



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