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Christina Almeida

I help people who are in recovery connect to joy, purpose and power. My journey to becoming a transformational recovery coach began when I first went to rehab 8 years ago.
The worst part about getting sober wasn’t rehab, it was what everyone told me getting sober would mean for my life – that I was now and forever part of a sick club, that couldn’t participate in life and have fun the way “regular” people could. It wasn’t until I freed myself from everyone else’s definition of sobriety that I realized that I had joined a radical and empowering movement.

I developed the Recover x Reemerge program that is my own holistic, revolutionary approach to recovery. In this program, I also share my experience and expertise as a founder, environmental advocate, dharma coach and entrepreneur to develop and implement your life’s mission.


I help guide people in recovery to joy, purpose and power


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