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Cori Hughes

I help nurses, doctors and other health care professionals find their soul purpose. As a nurse with 10 years experience, I know what it’s like to be constantly stressed, under appreciated, completely burnt out and no longer interested in expending so much energy for so little return. I use the Dharma Discovery Method to help you uncover that which brings you true joy, discover what truly lights you up and is also of service to others. I go back to the big WHY you started with in the first place and focus on blazing a new trail that is more aligned with your heart and soul. I help you fill your own cup up. Because when your cup is full, it is from that place where you can truly give and spread light to the world!


I work with nurses, doctors and other health care professionals who are no longer feeling fulfilled with their career and want to shine their light in a different way! I also work with women who want to tap into their feminine essence so that life will be more easeful, joyful and full of abundance!


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