Dharma Coaching Institute

Corrine Plocharczyk

I am on a mission to combat systemic oppression through cultivating a deeper understanding of complex social issues, and inspiring others to embody their highest self. Elevating healing and prevention, I access western science and eastern transformative holistic tools and interventions that are built on embracing authenticity, practicing nonviolence, taking bold action, and advocating for those who have been silenced. Specializing in complex trauma and chronic, treatment resistant PTSD, I hold a larger space for individuals who have faced intersecting forms of discrimination, to break perpetuating cycles of oppression and abuse. Combining my innate wisdom, experience(s), extensive education, and understanding of how trauma impacts the nervous system, I foster a restorative and empowering space that accurately assesses and appropriately implements alternative interventions.


I guide women, youth, and members of the LGBTQIA+ community including gender non-conforming, non-binary, and transgender individuals who have been silenced, through the process of detaching from social conditioning to discover their voice, align with their truth, and smash the status quo.


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