Dharma Coaching Institute

Cristina Sanchez

I help empaths activate their personal sovereignty through conscious self-transformation so they can remember and step into their purpose with clarity and confidence and achieve true freedom. Some of the tools and modalities used include, without limitation, strengthening intuition, processing emotions through the body, deep self-inquiry and observation, pattern interruption, value setting, astrology, human design, the chakra system, mind-body-soul and heart coherence, breathwork, tarot, mediumship, music, dance, goals and systems setting, mindset reframes, meditation, CNS regulation, body detoxification, ancient spiritual teachings, energetic alignment and transmutation, mirror work, ayurveda, self-love through embodied practices, boundary setting, connecting with nature, philosophies on personal growth/spirituality/life and much more.


I help empaths in their 20’s and 30’s who feel stuck in the corporate world without a clear direction or purpose to dive deep into self-inquiry and self-healing so they can clarify their purpose and activate their personal sovereignty.

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