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Dana Lundy

I am an eternal soul that has spent most of my life asking the BIG questions like: Where do we come from? Where do we go when we die? Who am I? Do I matter? Why do I matter? It is from this search of knowledge that I have come to understand that we all have a purpose to fulfill in this life, a soul purpose, and that it is by discovering this purpose, we remember our authentic self, and uncover our greatest joy. I assist other healers, nurturers, teachers, counselors, advocatses, and mothers to recover from burnout and self-neglect by reconnecting them to their core self, find self-love and appreciation, discover the value of their voice, embody their true destiny, and embrace joy. I do this through one-on-one conversations, meditations, visualizations, Tapping exercises, energetic healing modalities, breath work, Dharma Discovery Methodologies, and more.


I assist those that serve others to overcome burnout and people pleasing behaviors.


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