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Daniela Parisi

My name is Daniela. I was born and raised in Switzerland, which I left in 1988 to work as a tour guide on the Greek island of Kos. I am very sensitive, intuitive, emphatic, and in strong resonance with the collective consciousness of the people. As an ambassador and channel for the spirit world, it is my task to bring understanding and to show people the way. In the many Readings and Coachings that I have given so far, I have been able to support people to recognize and live their true potential, and thus to go their way in joy, happiness, and abundance. I have two wonderful sons from 30 years of marriage to a narcissist. I have learned and experienced a lot in my life, especially during my marriage. Most of it was very challenging. But all of that made me who I am today. On the small island where I still live today, I was on my own. Without help, without the support, and without answers to so many life questions. I got to the point where there was enough, enough suffering, enough tears. It was time to take my life into my own hands and determine my future fate myself. I took a new direction through self-healing and further training. This also led me to the work of “Soul Realignment” and “Dharma Coaching”. I learned that I myself am the divine creator of my life and that I determine how it goes. I now live my life in peace, harmony, and abundance, surrounded by lovely people. A life that you also deserve. It is your birthright to be happy, successful, and live a life of abundance. Let me help you with that.


I work men and women that want to know who they are on a Soul level, want to discover their divine gifts and talents, there true nature. People that are in a relationship where there partner can’t understand their spiritual development. People that rediscover their paranormal abilities and get called “crazy”

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