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Danielle Taylor

I am passionate about helping people embody their dream selves while living their dream lives. I believe a lot of our depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem challenges stem from a lack of purpose/direction in life along with powerlessness to do something about it. My mission is to help people recognize that we are the creators of our own realities and that we are the only ones in the way of our own happiness, success, and dream lives. I create a container for my client’s to dream big, build a connection with their intuition/highest self, discover & embody their purpose, set aligned & attainable goals that result in action, find comfort in the discomfort, reframe & master the mind + emotions, build confidence through effort, overcome limiting beliefs & blockages, maintain healthy habits, routines, & boundaries that cater to their overall well-being. Through this they build an unshakeable, loving, and respectful relationship with themselves.


I help those struggling with anxiety and depression reframe their mindset to start living their dream life and embody their dream self.


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