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Elizabeth Emery

Welcome to Spiritual Salt: Advice on finding your life purpose, cleansing negativity energy, and get help with spirituality. Take everything with a grain of salt! Collectively as a planet most people had to restructure their lives in 2020, which lead to the “The Great Resignation” where over four million people quit their job starting in April 2021. With so many people needing purpose in their careers or seeking more joy in everyday life, we all need guidance. Hello! I am Elizabeth, your Spiritual and Life Purpose Coach. My goal is to have 1 to 1 coaching session with you to help guide you to a career that fits your passions, uses your natural talents, or help you transition out of burnout with a positive mindset. I particularly like working with people who are trying to get out of retail or the service industry, which I was part of for many years.


I work with finding your life purpose, spirituality, and burnout


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