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Grayson Waataja

Hello, my name is Grayson! I currently live in Bali and I’m so grateful to have the honor of living my purpose each day from creating this abundant reality for myself. I am the founder of Clarifino Holistic Retreats and a passionate Life-Purpose Coach. I help overworked and under-appreciated women come into alignment with their dreams and desires by tuning into their unique energy, channeling my intuition, and delivering expert heart-driven coaching. My life purpose is to teach others how to love themselves, their bodies, their life, and the world around them. Contact me when you’re ready to fully live your life purpose!


I work with hardworking, soulful women who are busy hustling down the wrong life path. I excel at coaching women in their 20s find their passions and come into alignment with their dreams and desires. Many of my clients are also interested in creating a reality where they can work from anywhere and become their own boss – like I did when I moved to Bali!


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