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Heidi Liow

I help souls who have incarnated here on earth, feeling lost or stuck to remember and activate their unique soul gifts and purpose, using a mix of modalities including dharma blueprint, human design and intuitive practices.


I help souls reprogram their fears, limiting beliefs, blockages and low self-esteem, gently guiding them towards a magical and bright path of expansion, flow and transformation. Those who are looking to shift from a place of stagnation, feeling lost and unfulfilled, itching to move from complacency to taking action, desiring a life where they are in the driver’s seat with total clarity and confidence on their next steps. They may be feeling great resistance or have a million wonderful ideas float around but just can’t seem to take the next step. As their guide I am here to help them emerge from the catalyst and transform into the divine, abundant, infinite being they are. To living a life where their heart is their compass and their intuition is their guide. My speciality are those from asian/ethnic backgrounds, people who are the healers healing old ancestral wounds or those who have experienced trauma such as abandonment, adoption or abuse wishing to recognise how they are more than enough.


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