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Hilda Weber

If you are a soulful new coach or healer and have just started or want to start out online, I hear you! It can sure be overwhelming! When I started out, I wanted to find an easy and effortless way to build my business and felt overwhelmed about all the contradicting information out there, on how to build a successful business. Can you relate? I’ve tried a lot of different things and made a lot of “mistakes” along my own business journey, but those mistakes have shown me what works and what doesn’t. I’ve discovered that it takes only 4 things:
1. Your energy (energy is everything)
2. Your unique gifts
3. An aligned niche
4. An aligned strategy
If you combine those, true magic can happen! So if you’re ready to step into your true magical power and use your energy to live your true purpose, you have found the right coach.


I help soulpreneurs unlock their unique gifts, find their niche & master energy to sign ready-to-buy-soulclients.


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