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Ileana Grgic

Are you a mother who has had much of your identity defined by your role as a mother? Or maybe your life was on one path before motherhood, but becoming a mother has cracked you open in a whole new way and now your path doesn’t feel in alignment anymore. Motherhood is a profound experience and can change us deeply. This can lead to confusion around where our purpose lies beyond motherhood. As a mother to three children and having worked with women through their journey of pregnancy, birth and postpartum, I’ve seen this so often. I help mothers to connect with the evolution of their purpose beyond motherhood using various Dharma coaching methods/tools, as well as my deeply intuitive/inquisitive nature. Together we will explore your gifts & passions. We’ll dream big and discover possibilities that will positively alter your journey forward into a beautifully lit up life.


I guide mother to reconnect with their soul’s purpose & to take action so they can feel lit up by everyday life!


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