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Irina Miriam Normatov

Irina is a Soul Joy Spiritual Coach and Visual Interpreter on the side. Irina enjoys guiding people who feel empty, “dead”, disconnected, and fulfills their souls with purpose feeling more alive, joyful, and confident in the natural flow of their life. Irina is a proud native New Yorker and an immigrant hailing from St. Petersburg, Russia, and Samarkand, Uzbekistan. Irina, in her own mixed colorful culture in the pot of New Yorker, being a Deaf Mizrahi aka Bukharian Jewish Woman, holding a uniqueness to her spicy identity bubble. She enjoys life stories, traveling, feeling the music, rejuvenating deep in nature, and spiritual activities.


I guide Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Hearing souls that feels empty, “dead” and numb to feeling joyful, alive and connected in natural flow with their life.


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