Dharma Coaching Institute

Jade van Zoolingen

Is there something inside of you that feels that there is more to experience in life then what you currently are? Do you have a hard time figuring out who you truly are, and what it is that you love to do? Do you want to embark on a transformative self-discovery journey, but do you not know where to start? I know these are BIG topics that can be complicated to tackle by yourself. As you are reading this, you are probably realising that you do not have to! I am here to hold your hand like a friend, a sister and a fellow woman, as we navigate you through your journey of connecting with your truest self again. I am here to hold space for your higher self, so that you can really start to show up as her as you get to know her. I am coaching from a Holistic and Spiritual point of view, where I also integrate Eastern and Western wisdom and traditions.


I guide young women who lost touch with their True Selves and are ready to reconnect with their Inner Light and remember why they are here. I help others rediscover that “feeling like you’re home” can be felt in your own presence.


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