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Jasmine Marek

I am Jasmine Marek. A vibrant, energetic, raw, sensual, rewilding earth angel. I am on a journey to learning all of the different ways I can make love to life. While I’m a student to life itself and can acknowledge and honour my ever present ebbing and flowing – I love serving through coaching and movement practices. I love being a witness to the evolution of the souls in my orbit, and I love even more to help them to abolish all of the societal conditioning and ‘not enoughness’ that is present for some. I’m here to remind women of their divinity, of the way they make the earth rattle and shake while their feet kiss the earth. I’m here to bring women home to their raw, wild, balanced and intuitive nature.


I serve women who are in the process of refinement and release. I help women let go of the conditioning that was never theirs to begin with, so they can step into the fullness and wholeness of who they are on a raw and real level.


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