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Jen Rose Narayan

👋🏽Hi, I’m Jen Rose Narayan, Career + Purpose Coach, here to guide you through the process of discovering your superpowers and to build a career that is aligned to your purpose.

Whether you are working in a corporation or transitioning to becoming a soulpreneur, my goal for you will be the same – to reconnect you back with your innate gifts in order to create a life and business based on the foundation of your purpose. ❤️ 🎯

Born to immigrant parents who had jobs to solely make ends meet, I’ve realized a career didn’t just have to be a survival mechanism. Instead, a career could also be fulfilling, and have a positive impact to others while aligned to one’s purpose!

So, what did I discover my purpose to be? It is to help you unlock yours, to find a fulfilling career aligned to your superpowers, embody your highest self and to live life purposefully. 🙏🏽


I guide ambitious soulpreneurs and corporate professionals to a purpose driven career. ❤️ 🎯


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