Dharma Coaching Institute

Joseph Conway

I help the self-conscious become more self-aware by reconnecting folx to their own intuitive wisdom. I do this by creating a safe space for true self-exploration, allowing my clients discover and reclaim what is truly meaningful to them in their lives. Together, we journey through various sacred embodiment rituals, including: yogic practices, astrological concepts, self-discovery activities, positive psychology tactics, and self-care methodologies. From these experiences, my clients are able develop a deeper connection and understanding of themselves which helps them manifest and create a life based around their own unique values and interests. My mission is to support and empower others to recognize their own inner strengths, abilities, and personal resiliencies and live a life of meaning, purpose, confidence, and joy!


I work with folks who identify as LGBTQ+, empaths, introverts, and/or misfits.

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