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Justine Steele

I hold a safe space for Millennials to dive deep into themselves and listen to their inner truth to live a more aligned life. I help clients find their soul purpose through the Enneagram, contemplative practices, and dissection of the inner world. I provide the loving push to transform fear, confusion, unhelpful patterns, and limiting beliefs into self-actualization. In my teens and twenties, I struggled to identify a sense of purpose and connection to the spiritual world and as a result felt frustrated, isolated, depressed, and anxious. I coach clients in their dharma journey to ensure they feel seen and nurtured while they meet the beautiful challenge of dharma discovery and embodiment. My coaching is informed by my education in intercultural studies, permaculture, tarot readings, and my genuine sense of curiosity.


I help Millennials reconnect with themselves to move beyond confusion and limiting beliefs toward discovering their soul purpose.


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