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Doors open for our Spring Enrollment this April.

Karishma Rupani

Born in Japan, raised in Singapore, and culturally Indian – I define myself as a third culture kid who is constantly curious about the world. Being a multi-passionate person with lots of interests, I’ve tried many things on my journey to finding what lights me up. After I hit a career burnout and health crisis in my late twenties, I went through a phase of intense soul-searching, inner work and exploring various healing modalities. Through tools like Human Design, Sound Meditation, Astrology and so many more, I finally found the greatest freedom to fully be myself, and to live a life in alignment with my own energetic blueprint. Now, I am to bring these insights to others by diving into an individual’s birth chart, using it to unlock their unique truths, purpose and gifts.


I work with “Quarter Lifers” who may be in a period of intense soul searching and questioning the direction of their career, relationships and overall life purpose.


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