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Kelsey Alexandria Daniels

I help women bring their visions to fruition and embark on the journey of trusting their power and intuition to create the life of their dreams. As a Dharma Embodiment Coach I: Hold a safe space for you to express your divine self freely and unapologetically Support you in creating your dreams and passions into your reality Guide you to reawaken to your truth and reconnect to your intuition Empower you to take action on your desires and embody your authenticity Help you discover and strengthen your gifts to share them with the world My Coaching Sauce/Magic Flavor: I utilize a multitude of different modalities to have a deeper understanding of who you are at your core being. This allows me to guide you efficiently and effectively based on your unique soul coding. These tools include Human Design, Ayurveda, Astrology, The Dharma Archetypes, The Dharma Blueprint, The Dharma Discovery and more.


I empower women to embody their inner truth and authenticity to share their gifts with the world.


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