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Lisa Malia Norman

Lisa Malia Norman is a women’s health and wellness leader and educator, breast cancer survivor and mama, turned feminine wisdom and embodied leadership coach, nonprofit founder and CEO. She helps people connect to their innate wisdom, trust their intuition and embody their sacred purpose and build a lasting legacy to access a life of deep satisfaction, clarity and unapologetic joy.

She earned a Masters in the Science of Midwifery and practiced many years as a Midwife supporting women. After her breast cancer diagnosis in 2014 Lisa expanded her services and shifted her attention toward breast density notification policies, access to care and a more holistic approach to supporting people facing breast cancer.

Through both of these transformative experiences Lisa gained a deep understanding about the innate power and wisdom of women in what might seem to be their most vulnerable transitions and the importance of community care. She founded The Connected Circle and her signature training series EVOKE, The Feminine Leadership Immersion, to bring more women together who want to live with greater clarity, purpose and joy through intention, ritual and mentorship as we navigate a new way forward.


Connecting women in leadership to their purpose, legacy and joy.


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