Dharma Coaching Institute

Madi Elkins

I support, guide, and empower women who feel lost in their roles connect to their intuition and restore balance in their lives. I do so using psychological, spiritual, and Ayurvedic practices. I offer a space to explore, speak, and honor their truths. I aim to heal for the purpose of living from a place of authenticity and self-love.


I work with women who struggle to feel heard, seen, or emotionally fulfilled in their relationships (familial, romantic, or platonic) or find themselves repeating toxic cycles in their relationships and want to discover why and how to move forward; women who feel lost in their roles, lack a sense of purpose/personal identity/intuition, and are looking to heal from the inside out; women who are looking to heal through a multitude of modalities: psychologically/neurologically and spiritually (Reiki, Tarot, Ayurveda, Dharma); youth & young adults who feel limited in (or suppressed by) the options society gives them, don’t know what they want to do with their lives, and are longing for more depth than the generations who came before them.

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