Dharma Coaching Institute

Mara Sarena

I will help you to create the life of your dreams, your soul’s highest expression, and your authentically aligned path forward, through effective self discovery exercises and practices that lead to integration of mind body and spirit and ultimately, true transformation. In doing so, we will identify and reprogram any limiting beliefs, bring healing to inner child wounds, find the courage to face your shadows and reframe thought patterns that no longer serve you. I weave together Ayurveda, Human Design, Dharma Discovery, Neuro-biology, Eco-therapy and other complimentary modalities that will help you to find clarity and connect to your radiance, your vitality, your joy, your abundance, your purpose, your wholeness, and overall, your best life experience! Ready to manifest the life you’re truly meant to live?


I help guide women who feel stuck, stagnant or disconnected to find their authentic true nature, their highest expression and ultimate vitality.


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