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Meiling Liu

I moved to U.S. in 2010 at age 16 from a small seaside town in China. Growing up, creativity was undervalued. After reigniting my creativity at age 24, I gradually started to help more people awaken their creativity within and feel more alive and purposeful in their lives. I’m a natural people connector and a fierce cheerleader for others. I hope that people see a part of themselves in my words and art, and know that we all share similar struggles whether you are a creative entrepreneur, artist, or just simply being a human. We can help each other in our own unique ways that we can contribute and thrive together. My intuitive guidance serves as a mirror to reflect back to my clients, their own inner power, and untapped potential. I help remind people how powerful they are and to never stop pursuing what they truly want.


I help people step into a badass, purposeful life with alignment, ease & radical self-love.


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