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Mel Ironside

Imagine waking up and being excited about your day. Since you have made changes to your life to align with your soul’s purpose, your relationships are improving too! You’re no longer feeling resentful or like you need to blame anyone else for the life you’re living because you love your life.

I help hardworking humans who are on the verge of burnout by facilitating practices that guide you to tune into your breath & body. You will gain clarity on your path, create an action plan, and take aligned action with accountability from yours truly.

Get unstuck by letting go of excuses, maximizing your time in a holistic way, and finding joy in your day-to-day. I specialize in self-regulation practices, mindful self-compassion, movement, mindset, and soul purpose coaching! Can’t wait to work with you!


I help hardworking humans realize their gifts & align with their soul’s purpose


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