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Monica Archuleta

I am passionate and commited to motivating women to heal through their unresloved traumas, build confidence and take back their lives. I will provide a safe container for us to work magic together in developing your self love, destroy the self sabatoge, turn around the negative self talk, put up strong boundaries & build relentless confidence so you can enter into your truest, most authentic self; that will open the doors for your Souls Purpose. I have a gentle yet direct approach & work with healing rituals, meditation, visualization, somatics, inner child healing, mindset, breathwork & manifestation, while encouraging & holding you accountable to put in the work to be able to lift the veil & live your best life possible!

I am 41 years old & have paved a rewarding path from a very long journey. I was once a lonely child from a broken family, with addicted parents. I had no sense of belonging as I was bounced from house to house. As a child, I was always told “what goes on in this house, stays in this house”, so my voice was silenced as I witnessed violence, drugs and experienced sexual & emotional abuse. I grew up to feel very lost and alone & started on a destructive path of addiction, toxic relationships, homelessness & raising 3 kids alone by the age of 21 with zero confidence, while battling mental illness as well as trying to overcome my addiction.
Today it is an honor to say that I have taken the steps & built the resilience and gained the confidence to overcome everything life has thrown at me. I currently am certified as a Soul Purpose Coach, am a Womens Circle Facilitator, have a backgroud in Psychology and CAC training & dedicate myself to helping other women overcome so they can pass down the healing and teaching to their children & others so we can make this world a better place of love and peace. People are broken, so the world needs people like YOU in it.



I help women to heal through their unresloved traumas, build confidence and take back their lives.


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