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Nicole Bitskay

I serve young women who want permission to step outside the checklist of life. I can help you if you feel like you have been playing a “part” in society and are in the role you “should” be in but are not truly happy. Whether you are feeling lost or know deep down that a part of yourself is waiting to come online, I am here to help you through the process. Maybe you are graduating high school, trying to decide on college, or beginning to build your dream life. It is common, during these pivotal life moments, to feel confused and to begin questioning whether your dreams are 100% your own. Using my knowledge of the chakra system, our energetic bodies, our higher and lower brains, somatics, and more, I will take you through a journey of remembering and embodying your soul’s purpose so that you can live life on your terms.


I work with young women who are either graduating high school, moving onto college, graduating college, or simply looking for their dream lifestyle.


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