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Rakhi Marwaha

I help women tired of living a life society, culture, and other people have told them to. Those who got so caught up in pleasing people, that they lost their voice. For those women in need of a better relationship with themselves. If this sounds like you it may be your wake-up call to discover your purpose, uncover self-love to ignite your journey, and change your life.

I want you to live your authentic truth so I’m here to shine light on parts of you that you’ve forgotten. To heal and forgive what was, to accept & appreciate what is, and to choose and create what will be. I’m a healer, master planner, creator, and action taker pushing you towards your highest self.

It’s time to share your gifts, and create a world filled with more love & unity for us all.


I help women reclaim their power and write their own story.


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