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Sema Aydin

Hey! I’m Sema ♡ I love empowering magical beings to reconnect and embody their inner child’s magical reality through the gift of art, mother Gaia, numerology, tarot, yoga and so much more! I love anything to do with fairies, unicorns, mermaids, mother nature, starseeds and the feminine aesthetic archetypes and I want to guide you through your unique journey to channeling these beautiful, powerful realities down to Earth to make it a more beautiful, peaceful and happy place to live. Using my experience as a spiritual soul purpose coach and manifestation teacher, I’ll teach you the concept of romanticising your everyday experiences and embracing the wonders and excitement of life and how that is the ultimate key to living a life of freedom, creativity and fulfilment. We’ll explore how you can add a touch of magic to your daily routine and see the beauty in the world around you. We’ll also dive into the magic of the elements, discovering how you can connect with sun, moon, earth, air, fire, and water as well as the colours of the rainbow to manifest your desires.


I empower creative and artistic souls to tap in to their most authentic self expression through reconnecting them to their elemental realm and feminine aesthetic archetypes.


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